The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home!

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home!

The kitchen is the heart of the home and we can only ever have one heart.
Looking at why this one room holds such an importance, here are 5 reasons why the kitchen is the heart of your home.  

⦁     It’s the Centre of the Home
There will never be a day in your life when you won’t have a reason to enter the kitchen. It’s where your day begins, where you eat, where you hang out; it is the social hub of the whole family. In fact, it is the go-to place for almost everything and the most used room in the house, so is it really surprising that we consider it the heart of the home?

⦁    The Way to Our Hearts is Through Our Stomachs
Of course, it makes sense that the kitchen is considered the home’s heart because that’s where the food is! Food is a life essential. Some people associate it with sustenance, others with health or comfort, for some people food even has the power to conjure up fond childhood memories just from the smell of it. The kitchen is the magical place where shopping ingredients are turned into traditional meals and culinary delights - need we say more?

⦁    Family Bonding is Precious to Us
Our kitchens are a communal space, an area perfect for conversations over delicious meals, for celebrating family occasions; a warm place to patch up scrapes and bruises and teach your children how to cook their first recipes. A kitchen is a place where we can perch ourselves on the counter and relay our day to our families, and it is this quality time together that makes the kitchen the heart of our homes.

⦁    It’s the New Living Room
Although the living room is also a great setting for family bonding, in such a digital era, we are craving more time away from the screen in exchange for more physical time together. For this reason, over the years, the kitchen has become the new living room! This space is now the hub for all social occasions and entertainment because food and conversation go perfectly together! Gone are the days where the kitchen was just a place of preparation. Now we enjoy a room that is built for many cooks and friends to stand or sit in awe of your creations!

⦁    It’s Where We Practice and Perfect the Art of Cooking
For many, the kitchen is far more than just a room that you dedicate to make food in. It is a creative space, a culinary laboratory, where you try your hand at new recipes, practice your cooking skills and wear your chef’s hat with pride. Whether you are a professional chef, an aspiring home cook, or a culinary failure, the kitchen is a place with no judgement where every single creation is made with love.

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