Why should we invest in Aurora and Newmarket Housing?

Why should we invest in Aurora and Newmarket Housing?

Why should we invest in Aurora and Newmarket Housing?

Simply, everywhere expanded and developed except these two great zones around Yonge street.


In Aurora, the housing market has been strong in recent years. The average home price in Aurora is around $1 million, and the market has seen steady growth in both the number of sales and the average sale price. The supply of homes for sale is low, which has led to strong competition among buyers and a seller's market.


In Newmarket, the housing market has also been strong, with the average home price around $800,000. The market has seen similar trends to Aurora, with low supply and high demand driving prices up. Additionally, Newmarket has seen an influx of buyers from the Greater Toronto Area, who are drawn to the town's proximity to Toronto and the availability of more affordable housing compared to the city.


It's important to note that the housing market is always changing, and the trends that were in place in 2021 might not be the same in 2023, due to various factors such as interest rates, economic conditions, and policy changes.


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