Why your new home’s resale value is important

Why your new home’s resale value is important



There are several reasons for buying a luxury home. You might want a house your family can live in until you retire and downsize, or you’re buying an investment property to sell in the future to make a profit.


Either way, the resale value is a key factor to consider when purchasing a home. Plans for the region can affect resale value. For example:


  1. Is the home in a new development, where new construction includes green spaces and amenities?
  2. Are there excellent schools and medical facilities in the area?
  3. How close are public transportation routes?
  4. Are there plans for a building to go up across the street, or right next to, your home?


York National Realty, Inc.’s realtors, who specialize in luxury real estate in Aurora and Newmarket, can help answer these questions long before you make an offer — and potentially save you big headaches down the line.


Ultimately, resale value can help you identify your net worth, enabling you to make wise financial decisions.


So buy your luxury home with confidence now and into the future. Book a consultation with York National Realty, Inc., today.


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